Dedication Point


This, our fourth episode of this oral history series, will feature an interview with Cecil Andrus.  Andrus is probably Idaho’s best known politician - he ran for Governor of Idaho in 1970 as a Democrat and an environmentalist - and he won.  Andrus also served as the Secretary of the Interior under president Jimmy Carter, where he was able to have his most dramatic influence over the establishment of a protected area in the Snake River canyon.

Andrus passed away in 2017, but we’re able to hear his perspective on the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA because of an interview conducted by author Steve Stuebner in the year 2000.  Stuebner conducted numerous interviews relevant to the establishment of protection for the Snake River canyon region when he was researching for his biography of Morley Nelson, “Cool North Wind”.  The interviews were recorded to micro cassettes, and were donated to the Archives of Falconry once Stubner completed his book.