Dedication Point

This oral history project was produced by the Birds of Prey NCA Partnership, working in close collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management, the Wild Lens Collective, and the Peregrine Fund’s Archives of Falconry.  We will be featuring a series of 20 interviews conducted with key figures in the history of the Snake River canyon region.  We’ll be releasing one of interview each week over the course of the next five month here on this podcast feed.

An Oral History of the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.


Episode TWO: Steve Stuebner

Our second interview in this series is with the man who took it upon himself to tell Morley Nelson’s story.  Steve Stuebner is the author of “Cool North Wind”, a biography of Morley Nelson.  Steve spent years researching Morley’s life for this book, conducting numerous interviews and uncovering fascinating details about the creation of the Snake River Birds of Prey NCA.

Steve Stuebner researched and wrote his book while Morley was still alive, so he had the opportunity to interview Morley numerous times during this process.  So Steve’s insight into the role that Morley played the in the creation of this National Conservation Area is invaluable, and we must thank him for taking the time to chat with us.



Episode One: Morley Nelson

Our first interview is with the man who deserves the most credit for the creation of a national conservation area in the snake river canyon - Morley Nelson.  Morley passed away in 2005 at the age of 88, but we uncovered this archival interview conducted in 1990 by the founder of the Archives of Falconry, Kent Carnie.  The original interview was close to six hours long - we’ve edited it down to include the segments that we felt were relevant to the history of the Snake River canyon.