Dedication Point

This oral history project was produced by the Birds of Prey NCA Partnership, working in close collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management, the Wild Lens Collective, and the Peregrine Fund’s Archives of Falconry.  We will be featuring a series of 20 interviews conducted with key figures in the history of the Snake River canyon region.  We’ll be releasing one of interview each week over the course of the next five month here on this podcast feed.

An Oral History of the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.


Episode Twelve: Ted Howard

All of our previous interviews released as a part of this series have been focused on the very recent history of the Snake River canyon region. This interview with Ted Howard, the chairman of the Shoshone-Paiute tribe, takes us back to the earliest interactions that humanity had with this landscape, and also provides crucial insight into issues over land ownership in Southern Idaho and throughout the West.



Episode Eleven: Dr. Mark Plew

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Episode Ten: Clive Strong


Episode Nine: Norm Nelson


Episode Eight: Larry LaRocco


Episode Five: Andy Ogden

Steve Stuebner

Episode Two: Steve Stuebner


Episode Seven: Dean Bibles


Episode Four: Cecil Andrus

Moreley Nelson

Episode One: Morley Nelson


Episode Six: Karen Steenhof

Michael Kochert

Episode Three: Michael Kochert