Native Youth for Habitat Restoration

This project provides habitat restoration training and education for native youth from the Duck Valley Reservation. Youth will participate and learn about all components of habitat restoration from seed collection, seed cleaning, propagation, and installation, while helping to enhance existing BLM restoration site in the Morley Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.


Ferruginous Hawk Nest Monitoring

We are conducting long-term ferruginous hawk nest monitoring in and around the NCA. These efforts are facilitated by internships provided through the MILES Undergraduate Research and Internships (MURI) program. 

By identifying and regularly motioning these nest sites, this project is contributing to USFWS and USGS research on ferruginous hawk ecology, as well as facilitating BLM educational field trips and banding activities.


Native Perspectives 

This project introduced students from the Duck Valley Reservation to the NCA. The BOPP coordinated a field trip to Dedication Point and Celebration Park, where students, tribal elders, and BLM and BOPP staff discussed the wildlife and landscape features that make the NCA unique. During the field trip, tribal elders and students had the opportunity to discuss native perspectives on concepts like conservation and sustainability.