Science, Education, Outreach &  Partnerships

Supporting the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey NCA

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The Birds of Prey NCA Partnership (BOPP) is an Idaho 501c3 non-profit organization, established in 2015 after in-depth stakeholder input and extensive feedback from both state and district BLM staff. We have garnered amazing support from the community and aim to build on this support as the organization grows.  



To support the management and conservation of the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds Of Prey National Conservation Area through science, education, outreach, and partnerships.



A community supported national landscape conservation area that sustains resilient ecological communities, protects cultural resources and provides diverse, responsible recreation opportunities.

Goals & Objectives


Goal 1: Increase regional interest and support for the NCA

  1. Work to market the NCA through interpretive materials, consistent messaging, and community events. 

  2. Develop interpretive materials to reach multiple demographics.  

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Goal 2: Encourage Science-based NCA Management

  1. Participate on Resource Advisory Committee and other committees to communicate, gather, and understand NCA needs.
  2. Interpret scientific findings into public information materials, which intend to stimulate deeper interest in NCA management.
  3. Assist with synthesis of data, publications and reports on the NCA, and develop summaries.


Goal 3: Support and Develop Conservation Research, Monitoring and Stewardship

  1. Where needed, facilitate research projects and programs, based on expressed need.
  2. Coordinate with professional researchers (e.g., Science Working Group) to determine NCA research needs and deliver research findings. 
  3. Develop citizen science programs and projects.
  4. Develop and coordinate ecological monitoring and effectiveness monitoring projects.
  5. Assist the BLM with the development, initiation and/or management of resource stewardship projects. 

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Goal 4: Enhance or Develop Education, Outreach and Interpretation Programs

  1. Work with BLM to enhance existing educational and interpretive materials.
  2. Expand on existing education program to include additional groups and demographics.
  3. Develop new hands-on and experienced based educational programs the focus on the function and value of the NCA.
  4. Expand or develop outreach plans and programs that will reach a diverse audience.
  5. Partner with existing educational programs to create NCA-specific curriculum topics (e.g., Idaho Master Naturalist Program).
  6. Design, develop and install interpretive signs that support education and outreach programs, assist with wayfinding, and encourages responsible recreation and use.


Goal 5: Create Capacity and Build and Strengthen Partnerships

  1. Work closely with BLM to identify mutual priorities for the NCA.
  2. Develop personnel and funding infrastructure to support goals and objectives.
  3. Recruit and strengthen partnerships with other conservation organizations, Tribes, and state and federal agencies that support conservation and enhancement of the NCA.
  4. Collaborate with other NCL “Friends” groups around the West to share strategies, lessons, and project ideas which might be implementable/useful in the NCA or elsewhere.